Revidea: Seeing What Others Don’t

Investor and biotechnology expert Thomas Turalski came to us when he decided the time was right to put his years of experience toward building his own venture fund.

DELIVERABLES — Naming, Branding, Stationery, Website Design, Animation

While working with Thomas on a name for his newly formed venture capital fund, Revidea was initially conceived as a portmanteau of revolution” and idea”. Revidea also happens to be a conjugation of the Latin revideō, to see again.” This was a happy coincidence for us, as early on in our process, Thomas made it clear that part of what makes him so successful is his ability to find value companies other investors might pass by, to literally see again”.

The minimalist mark and overall branding really comes to life when executed using high-end letterpress printing and premium paper stocks. The RV monogram uses as few elements as possible, to the point where it’s almost disappearing, further reinforcing this notion of looking again and seeing what others might not.

With a shiny new brand in hand, Revidea Ventures still needed a strong digital presence to legitimize his fund for the teams of scientists and researchers he’ll be investing in.

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