Mahaska: Bottling & Distribution

Iowa based bottling and distribution plant Mahaska, was in desperate need of branding. With a 100 year long history, and never so much as a logo, CEO Branden Muhl knew it was time for a change. As a bottling and distribution plant that handles primarily Pepsi products, Branden knew he wanted something unique and memorable that could distinguish them from their long time partner.  

DELIVERABLES — Branding, Stationery, Marketing Materials, Fleet Wraps, Animation

A Native American term, Mahaska means “white-cloud”. In the end, we combined the ideas of a classically American blue-collar badge with a recurring arrow pattern that pays homage to the history behind their moniker.

The contemporary mark strips away any unnecessary elements, and we’re left with the same bold logo-type from the badge, with a simplified cloud.

Once the brand was in place, we helped Branden with a variety of deployments, both big and small. From enormous 18-wheelers to pens and pencils, the brand had to stand up to a litany of applications.

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