Pollex: First Round Talent

Pollex is an exciting new tech staffing agency located in the heart of the Silicon Prairie. With so many small and medium size businesses in Kansas City, and more popping up every day, founder Joe Wilkinson recognized these folks can’t do everything themselves. What they need is a network of 9th inning all-stars to call on at a moments notice and knock it out of the park.

DELIVERABLES — Naming, Branding, Animation

We named Joe’s company Pollex, the latin name for our thumb, Pollex isn’t just a cool sounding word, it speaks to the push button ease of acquiring expert code assistance and the thumbs up” of a job well done. 

Often tech branding is a sea of sameness, with each company looking much the same as the last. We wanted to defy conventions with a retro-inspired, simplified pennant. We designed the logo to be flexible and adapt to the wide variety of uses, from full color reproduction, to one color, and a smaller more iconic version to be used on social media and in favicons. 

While Joe is still in the early stages and hasn’t yet launched Pollex, but when that day comes, we think he’d agree that he’s ready to hit the ground running!

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