Hilary’s: Eating Well Made Easy

Hilary’s believes in healing the American diet through convenient foods, made with real ingredients, that are free from common allergens. After going through a brand and packaging update with Retail Voodoo they decided it was time to give the website a long overdue update.

DELIVERABLES — Wireframes, Responsive Site Design, Art Direction

We partnered closely with the Hilary’s team to develop a series of wireframes that outlined the ideal user experience on the site. Some key goals were to highlight the products and new packaging, make dietary information clear and easy to find, and drive engagement through newsletter signups.

Ingredients are at the heart of Hilary’s, as such we directed a custom photoshoot for the ingredients page. When stitched together the images transform the page into a bountiful table, filled with all the good stuff Hilary’s puts into their food.

Once approved, we designed a full set of desktop and mobile website layouts for handoff to the developers.

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